Ordering information: The hose is available to purchase in 10 mtr unbroken coils. However, you can buy up to a 30 mtr [only applies to 32mm] unbroken coil in increments of 10 mtr.

Hose available Ex-Stock.

Operating temperature range is -10C to +60C

We also supply a variety of hose hygienic fittings

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Features: Flexible hose made with a revolutionary biological PVC, coming amongst totally from natural renewable sources. With Steel spiral. Inside and outside completely smooth. Food grade according to the European 2002/72/CE and its amendments, classes A,B,C.

Furthermore, the hose is compliant with FDA regulations. Completely free of phthalates and other synthetic plasticizers. The material allows saving CO2 emissions. Resistant to atmospheric agents and chemical substances.

Application: To deliver liquids and substances in the food industry (expect fatty food)

Like drinks, juices, wine, vinegar, and spirits with max alcohol content of 15% according to the European Directives (CE)N. 2023/2006, regarding manufacturing good practice of materials and goods intended to come into contact with foodstuffs.


Additional information

Hose Size

12.5mm Braided PVC, 19mm Braided PVC, 25mm Braided PVC, 32mm Braided PVC, 38mm Braided PVC, 50mm Braided PVC

Hose Prod. Code



10m, 20m, 30m


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